Chose the Pinakes formula that best suits your communication plan.

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Customised selection

per contact

Receive the contact persons of your choice in a handy overview

You reach exactly the contact persons you need
You receive a composed Excel List
You pay in proportion to the number of contacts in the selection


per year for 1 category*
*category "Local Authorities" - 240 euro

Consult the contact information of people and organisations

Get access to all of the organisation and personal profiles
Easily find your way in the public sector labyrinth
Unlimited access to contact details



per year for 1 category* *category "Local Authorities" - 848 euro

Download the contact information of people and organisations

Choose the right contact persons based on their role, the type of organisation or their responsibility
Compose your own lists of contact details
Download an unlimited amount of contact details from the database
Optional (price +20%): download the direct email addresses (only for non-commercial communications)

Integrator - Collector


per year for 1 category

Integrate Pinakes contact details with your own contact details

Automatically keep the public sector contact details in your CRM application correct and up-to-date
Use the Pinakes web application as a CRM application for centralised contact data management