Public Sector Organisations

The organisations in the public sector database are divided into seven categories. 
In the overview below you can see what types of organisation are available for each category. 
Please contact us if you have any questions about the types of organisation Pinakes includes in its database.





Local Authorities


Municipal Authorities
OCMW Management
District Councils
Municipal Companies
Intermunicipal Associations


Federal, Regional and Provincial Authorities

Parliamentary Committees
Ministries and Departments
Parastatal Entities and Public Sector Companies
Advisory Bodies

Polders and Waterways

Royal Household


Police, Justice and (civil) Security Federal Police
Local Police
Belgian Army
Emergency Services
Courts and Tribunals
Public Prosecution Services
Justice Houses and Justice Departments
Education, Culture and Leisure Kindergartens
Elementary schools
Primary Schools
Secondary Schools
High schools and Universities
Art Academies
Museums and Cultural Centres
Public Libraries
Sports Infrastructure
Welfare, Work and Health Hospitals
Polyclinics and Psychiatric Institutions
Institutions for people with reduced mobility and special youth care
Family care
Rest homes
Assistance Homes
Local Services Centres
Convalescent Homes
Rehabilitation Centres and Palliative Care Centres
Sheltered and Social Workshops
Social Housing Associations and Credit Companies
Social Housing Centres
Centres for General Welfare
Workshops and Local Employment Agencies
Local Crisis Centres
Container Parks
Civil Society

Political Parties
Non-governmental Organisations
Interests and Umbrella Organisations
Chambers of Commerce
Employer Organisations
Employee Organisations
Philosophical Organisations
Bar Associations
Poverty Associations
Service Clubs
Mutual Health Insurances

European and Luxembourg Institutions

EU: Security and Defence Policy Agencies
EU: Policy-making Agencies
EU: Financial Institutions
EU: Court of Justice
EU: Project Support Organisations
EU: Advisory Institutions
EU: Supervisory Institutions
EU: Legislative Institutions

LUX: House of the Grand Duke
LUX: Government and Parliament
LUX: Ministries and Parastatal Entities
LUX: Public Sector Companies and Advisory Bodies
LUX: Police and Military
LUX: Courts and Public Prosecution Service
LUX: Prisons
LUX: Embassies
LUX: Intermunicipal Associations

LUX: Fire Brigade and Civil Protection

LUX: Municipalities

LUX: Notaries

LUX: Bailiffs

LUX: Bar Associations

LUX: Nurseries

LUX: Rest Homes

LUX: Museums and Cultural Centres

LUX: Employee and Employer Organisations

LUX: Political Parties