About Pinakes

Are you looking for the correct formula to easily access the public sector? Does your company wish to expand its customer base? Would you like to communicate quickly and efficiently with the public sector and its departments? Do you sometimes find it hard to reach the right person in the public sector, which is continuously getting bigger and more complex?

Pinakes, which specialises in public sector contact details, has a database to quickly help you along - with applications for a detailed communication plan, but also with a simple search for a specific contact.

Pinakes helps you find the right person in the labyrinth of public sector contact details. We guarantee a high-quality service and have a simple system that brings together all the public sector departments in one database.

Pinakes enables you to immediately contact the right person, without a time-consuming search and against an attractive price, in a customised formula:

Select (delivery of a single selection), Consult (consultation of the contact details), Export (download selections to Excel) and Integrator - Collector (combining your own contact information with Pinakes and vice-versa).



Pinakes was founded in 2000. Pinakes is a public-private cooperation of the VVSG (Association of Flemish Towns and Municipalities) and publishing company Politeia NV, which specialises in public sector publications. Pinakes has the support of Ethias and Belfius.

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